Reinventing our interfaces with “digital” devices

As we are entering a mobile world and use mobile / wearable devices we need to reinvent our interfaces with these devices.  Some are starting to call these NUI (Natural User Interfaces) in stead of GUI (Graphical user interfaces).

I have captured over time some technological innovations that I believe will enable that evolution.

I am convinced that once these technologies will mature, they will be instrumental to accelerate  the “digitalization/mobilization” by adding “contextualization” to  develop new digital workflows and processes that today were never really in the scope of IT.

Interactive glass : this is the era of “ubiquity” of touchscreens – makes a lot of sense

Interactive Kinetics : the  “Leap Motion” product is already for sale and being shipped as of May ! I am awaiting my delivery. Leap Motion is bringing the Xbox Kinetic (body movement recognition) used for gaming technology to enable body motion based desktop interface. Very simple but vertpowerfull.

Interactive Brain : mind blowing – I have personally tested it at the Google Zeitgeist event in London last year. You put a “brain reader crown” on your head and your mind can command instructions of a PC ! This will be huge in healthcare application but also in Gaming they claim.

Voice recognition :  Siri from IOS 4S – we all know that today the techology is not always working and for sure if you don’t speak american 😉 But still,  it’s a matter of time…

KEY Glove : simple concept close to the kinetics of Leap motion

Augmented reality : this deserves a seperate post later because this implications for B2B and for education and so many other domains will be huge. This TED is really amazing

Wearable digital clothes :  if you wonder how this is linked to B2B – listen to the part on “digital zipper” for hazardous clothing

Smart Glasses : I put this one as last because it is the most hyped one that every one talks about while I think the technologies listed above will be as much if not more impactful.

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