How to develop a transversal Digital Strategy.

the-digital-edgeThis Gartner book perfectly outlines what major business transformation opportunity companies have ahead of them by implementing a true Digital Edge strateg. The book  particularly points out how a transversal Digital Edge strategy, ideally run by a Chief Digital Officer, is instrumental to roll out a Mobility strategy of people and machines. It illustrates that Mobility is bringing a “context feedback loop” (called Extraction loop) that only Mobility can enable. It is the recent evolution in Mobility that are making  recent Digital strategies  so disruptive.

An absolute must read (short 120p) !

The  book took a hard and actionable look at how leaders are applying digital technology to do more than create virtual copies of their current business model. The attraction of this form of digital mimicry is strong : it offers a simple, safe and easy-to-implement approach to digitalization. Playing “follow the leader” in the digital world gives an organization market-matching capabilities that may be viable in the short run, but raises vulnerabilities to digital disruption.

Digital technologies represent more than un upgrade or shift in the way we work. They offer more than “third industrial revolution” that upgrades performance without resolving persistent issues and challenges. Many of the fundamental  challenges of the industrial revolution persist in today’s information- based economy.

Digital technology has the potential to do more. That potential lies in how digital capabilities reconnects physical and digital resources in ways that could not have been imagined when substituting bits for atoms constituted the core of a digital strategy.  Rather, having a strategy based on the different relationships between physical and digital resources gives an organization an edge grounded in building a viable and valued digital business.

2 thoughts on “How to develop a transversal Digital Strategy.

  1. I very much like the concept of the “context feedback loop”: just think of the dynamic speed limit signs that flash your speed when you are driving beyond the limit… must be something that at least touches your imagination!
    It is a powerful example, as it consists of a simple bit of info that is meaningful just within your personal situation: so you act upon it, by slowing down (yeah, I also read about a report from Sweden where youngsters used it as a speed race arbiter: who is the fastest driver…) or at least feel some guilt because you were driving too fast.
    Now I think the real time and the personal dimension of the feedback loop make it work … and, as with so many other of this kind of dynamics, it can only work on a digital technology enabled system; this calls for more!

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