3D BIO Printing – Ecological Design Clothing

Wow – check out this TED video  – it is  not science fiction !

3D printing we’ve heard will enable fundemental change in the design and manufacturing of our goods in the future. The on-demand printing will Nexifoster unseen personalization. It will accelerate innovation by empowering Do It Yourself inventors to des-intermediate investors, manufactures and distributers. 3D printing will also reduce our ecological footprint : less stress on our Mobility (less logistics resources needed) and ii) reduced product consumption as we will just produce what we need to consume.

 Neri Oxman  brings however  a new dimension to 3D printing. On TED she demonstrates how 3D printing is enabling a new field of Ecological Design : i.e. a design rupsmethod that can interact with the biological world. We can now  rethink our current set of known printable materials but as well the functionality that we can expect from printed clothing (cfr. breathable pants) . Also, the example of the interaction of the biological world of caterpillars and technology is fascinating. Really worth watching !



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