Collaborative Leadership

imgres-2My first employer, Procter & Gamble, has always focussed very heavily on the importance of leadership in general and in particular in the function of Brand Manager where Leadership driven by superior customer insights was critical.

There are many definitions of leadership but P&G chose the 4E’s as a simple framework : Envision, Enable, Energize, Execute. Still today I strongly believe that this definition holds true. 

At the same time I believe that the ballance within the different E’s is evolving.

I believe that in times of comoditization Envisioning for a leader becomes absolutely key to find a smart way to differentiate a business.  All business are one way or the other becoming a service business where being able to create businesses that focus on superior customer experience along all key journeys is critical.

Further more, Energizing used to be the “nice to have” but in times of scarce diverse resources, is becoming a key tool to captivate and energize collaborative teams. Modern tools have been developed to help leaders accelerate that process of implementation and monitoring.

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