Potential and Limit of Human Brain

imgresThe book “My stroke of insights” got me quite by accident to discover how little we know abour our brain and how, over the last 10 years,  neuro science is unveiling a totally new “paradigm” as to how and why we function ,  behave, think, belief, interact the way we do.


This topic is at the crossroad of my passion discussed in this blog.

On leadership I believe it points out the importance of developing non-rational approach to captivate an energize teams and it explains the challenges that face interaction of diverse individuals. Finally it shows how ambitious people should be to stretch themselves throughout their lives.

Also, I believe that technology in general but Mobility in specific will fundamentally change how we look at the world. Technology  in general has improved our rational view of the world but quite recently we are seeing technology fundamentally  change our ability to capture “context” in mobility changing our view of time and space.

This topic also relates to my world of photography where a pictures talks a thousand words.

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