Revolution of Mobility


I believe we are at the dawn of a true Mobile revolution 3.0. We are entering into a world where all business will be “in the technology” business.   The technology business will face it’s biggest disruption coming from Mobility. Mobility will go far beyond its initial ambition of bringing ubiquity (every device, everywhere, anytime). We are moving to the next level of smart mobility empowering employees by providing and capturing real time information to support individuals or teams in collaboration. The same however is yet to break through on the machine side where machine need to move from today at best stupid “sensors”  to real time smart applications.

Short term Mobility will have disruptive impact on businesses because it will allow the capturing  unique “contextual” data through all its smart device and allow integrating them in new business processes that are not bound to heavy “legacy” Enterprise IT.  Further impact will then come from an increase in business intelligence applied on the increasingly “big data” layer.  Fundamental change in business is to be expected when there will be convergence of smart people and smart machine as hopefully enabled with the “symantic web”, the Web 3.0.

The building of smarter mobile businesses will go hand in hand with building smarter more collaborative teams. We face a major challenge of finding the right set of talents to support the above evolution but more importantly the right mindset to support that convergence of talents and machines in collaboration. I believe that interestingly enough technology will help our managers to become much better and humanizing our businesses, our model of personal and talent growth and collaboration.

The purpose of this blog is engage in the Mobility 3.0 world and help finetune the vision of what this evolution will bring to companies from  sizes, sectors, profit and non profit as well as capture the first concrete example that are supporting this vision be it coming from the business world or even more importantly coming from the consumer world, as conumerisation of business IT has shown to become a reality.

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