Get rid of the second TV’s in your organization !

How conflict avoidance creates complexity

Collaboration is becoming a rundown word. By now every manager read books about its importance and how to install it in it’s organisation. Yet, as organisations we have never been so unproductive and employees have never been so disengaged.

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This is the starting point of his must see TED talk of Yves Morieux (BCG). While I’m not sure that he comes with an easy to implement set of solutions (he calls it  “six ways to get people to solve problems with you“) , I do know that I have never heard such a brilliant analysis of the problem.

Companies, he says, organize their businesses around two management pillars : i) a hard approach around  structure, process , systems , metrics and ii) a soft approach around feeling, interpersonal, relationship, people traits and competences. These pillars however  taken alone or together are falling short of addressing the new exploding complexity.

Traditional collaboration

Intuitively we know that improving collaboration (he calls “interplay”) remains the proven driver for use of less resources and increased agility. However, a hard approach wants to work on collaboration by creating new boxes in the organisational skeleton – i.e. new functions (e.g. a role of “Mr Simplicity). This creates explosion of interfaces and coordination problems.

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