Napoleon Bonaparte : in retrospect, quite a “cool boss”


Engraving of Napoleon BonaparteI live at about 2km of Quatre Bras and 30km of Waterloo, both epicentres of  Napoleon’s last battle and one of Europe’s most epic battles of history  it was ! I have always enjoyed  reading about Napoleon and this summer took out some time to read  “Waterloo – the last 100 days” from Flemish writer Johan Op De Beek. 

There is no denying that Napoleon remains an enigma –  to some he was a hero and to  others a tyrant.  Fact is that overall, history remains particularly kind to his achievements in contrast with so many autocratic leaders history has born.

Even Wellington who defeated Napoleon at Waterloo turned out to be one of Napoleon’s biggest admirers. He has been instrumental at stopping the Prussians of wanting to execute Napoleon upon his capture after Waterloo. Wellington is claimed to have said :” we cannot be associated with executing one of histories’ most extra ordinary leaders”.

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Providing Meaning is key to get Share of Mind

Engagement = “Motiv”-ation = “Meaning”-ation

In my previous post on Enterprise Agility I talked about the challenge of employee engagement. I came across an old Ted from Dan Ariely (watch his TED on What makes us feel good about our work ?)  who  always as passionate, scientific but bang on, really captures the essence on key drivers of engaging people. Enjoy watching the TEd and reading my views/recap.

Industrial world versus knowledge world : Efficiency versus Share of mind
Dan puts it really well that in an industrial worldview, engagement really only used to be measured by physical output : how many bolts per minute do you bolt on. In other words it is all about efficiency. In a knowledge worldview it is really hard to measure “efficiency” : Continue reading