Our driving experience re-invented through connectivity

Leapfrog in Machine to Machine : the Automotive case

IMG_00000357Every year I have the pleasure of hosting a Mobistar/Orange Machine 2 Machine (M2M) event where we invite roughly 500 customers, Suppliers and Mobistar/Orange employees to do the state of the union of the M2M industry. Supporting the good functioning of the M2M ecosystem over the last 10 years has been key to foster an open innovation culture and secure our market leader position.

This year,  in the historical setting of Val Duchesse, I opened the plenary session with an analysis on the key dynamics seen over the  last 12 months in the M2M market and how well we are doing in getting ready to achieve the famous 50Bn connected devices all analyst have been talking about.

Summarising, I believe that the last 12 month has shown what an exponential growth looks like when we see what happened in the Auto industry. This is an industry that has turned a Government enforced connectivity (starting with E-call) into a real opportunity to change its market dynamics and redefine the driving experience. As such, each M2M initiative is re-enforcing the next one creating a real “multiplier” effect. The Automotive case is a good illustration on how M2M will affect other verticals (Utilities, health care, enterprise mobility)

I have posted below the longer version of my notes during my introductory presentation

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