Stéphane BeauduinLike many of you I have very little time at hand to savor my appetite for so many topics I have an interest in either personally or professionally. Blogging forced me to focus on max four topics. The four topics start from a professional angle but very quickly are crossing the personal sphere. So a true pro/perso blog.

The Blog has four sections/pages (see menu at top) capturing the following passions :

My first passion is on the impact of Revolution of Mobility more specifically on how mobility can help companies better compete and rethink how they operate.

My second passion is on both the Potential and Limit of the human brain. Recent scientific evolution in neuro and behavior science are fundamentally reshaping how we should think of the limits or not of human behavior.

My third passion is  Collaborative Leadership as I believe captivating the passion of teams is what future leadership,  a resource scarce, collaboritive world will be about.

Finally, in My Space, I like to capture some of my more personal passions combining  photography and travel, my favorite Podcasts and my  most mindblowing TEDtalksThis Blog is the very beginning of my more formal digital journey and I experience it as a unique opportunity to focus and the above three passions. Please feel free to collaborate and enrich my passions


Stéphane Beauduin

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